Together we can create compelling competitive advantages. When you work with us, you have access to world-class resources throughout all aspects of the process. Our expertise includes everything from consumer and industry research to product development, support in product registration and regulatory affairs, production- and capacity planning, project management, domestic and global sourcing, supply chain management, production and manufacturing to specification, quality control, stock management and logistics. As a private label service provider, we are much more than simply a manufacturer who supports you in bringing your own ideas to market.

We can cooperatively develop and produce innovations with you that are attractively priced and high quality, and will help to strengthen your position on the market.

PL Beauty Cosmetics Ltd is a high capacity cosmetic and beauty product manufacturer. Boasting a vast array of comprehensive skills and capabilities, all of which are managed in-house to serve a worldwide client base, PL Beauty develops and produces both branded and private personal care products. With over 150 employees and 35 years of experience between certain brands, our manufacturing base in Veszprém is renowned in its industry. We consider ourselves an expert in both consumer and industry. We have expertise in research and product development for clients wishing to investigate how best to approach a new product, and a dedication to research and development that allows these ideas to become success stories. Our product lines include creams and serums for all skin types, skincare regimen kits, and microderm treatments as well as products to help with rosacea, acne, and wrinkles.

Furthermore, we are skilled in production and capacity planning – from aspects such as project management to domestic and global source and supply chain management. In this way, we grant our clients peace of mind that their orders will be met in a timely manner. We also ensure the strict supervision of quality control and stock management. Our aim is simple: ‘to serve our clients’ needs according to the highest standards in the field of private label cosmetic production and cosmetics contract manufacturing’. All the work that we accomplish is driven by a vision of becoming the beauty industry’s no.1 supplier by way of building long term partnerships.

What makes us stand out from our competition is our confidence in these partnerships. By ensuring we can fulfil and wholeheartedly serve a client’s needs, we can build relationships with them that ensure future work for the company. We also pride ourselves on the production and delivery of not just high-quality goods, but high-quality marketing, commercial, logistics and technical support during our work. Furthermore, for PL Beauty, quality as well as hygiene standards are a foremost issue – especially during the current world climate. Under our current standardized procedure, all incoming packaging materials are brought under an intense microbiology trial, spectrophotometrical analysis and any finished products are only allowed to leave the site after a five-day long verification procedure, during which PL Beauty makes sure that the products meet all the requirements. A benefit to our business model of close and intimate work with a client means that we can provide for even the most complex of needs with mindfully designed procedures. Our professional staff work to offer tailor-made solutions in a cost-effective manner that results in a good quality product in competitive lead times, with full traceability under ISO 22716:2007 Cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practise.

Our innovations include our DUMEK TURBO-MEK vacuum processing unit range with 50-200-1000-2000kg output capacities for our cream products, integrated smart camera system for filling line inspections, and quality management system rigorously fitting within the standards of ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22716 GMP and ISO 13485 for medical devices. Furthermore, intermediate bulk storage is solved by using hygienic inliners in polypropylene bulk dispensers resistant to minus 20-degree to 40-degree fluctuations in temperature.

Over the course of the past year, the beauty industry has felt the sting of the pandemic in an estimated 30% drop in global revenue in the face of a looming recession. In tandem with this, the gap between luxury and mass market products has only widened as customer trends accelerated and buying habits changed. PL Beauty has had to adopt a new agile approach to adapt to all these challenges, but we still march forward, continually investing in our facilities to better ourselves further. Our cold mix surfactant production allows for up to a five-tonne batch, our hot mix up to three tonnes and with vacuum up to two tonnes. Our on-site R&D laboratory also provides the formulation of new products out of most innovative raw materials.

In the future, we might seek a full end-of-line automized approach to packaging and pallet building, while the implementation of a site-wide barcode system is just completed. We are also looking into the opportunities of doypack filling, sheet-mask filling, and sachet filling projects – all of this will be introduced alongside our new rapid microbial detection methods. Using these innovations, we will be able to offer a wider and deeper service than ever with even more timely hygiene controls, giving results in just 18-24 hours. We hope that these developments will earn us yet more accolades: PL Beauty is currently going for gold, working towards its Vegan and Ecocert certifications within new lines.

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